Lomaxine bakes cookies and sweet treats for celebrations large and small! While we specialize in custom orders and gift packaging for events, we also create and package cookies for the retail marketplace that make for tasty and tasteful gifts. Customer favorites include pistachio orange shortbreads, triple ginger spice cookies, and “Buffalo Cookies”–our unofficial mascot! Lomaxine bakes at The Entrepreneur’s Space in Long Island City–a shared commercial kitchen for small-scale food manufacturers.

Baker/Owner Jesse Lomax Floyd comes to Brooklyn by way of Pittsburgh, PA and Greenville, SC. Her unique culinary aesthetic was cultivated at her grandmother’s elbow, colored by her mother’s kitchen, and refined by her own fascination with the science of the natural world, art, and history. As a student at Case Western Reserve University and the University of Pittsburgh, she studied Biology with a focus on Botany and Evolutionary Ecology. Upon graduating, she worked with AmeriCorps, providing hands-on urban environmental education and stewardship to high school students. She continued to hone her passion for food with an abiding interest in people and policy during her time at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank as a Nutrition Educator.

Upon moving to New York City in 2005, Jesse began an underground blog which gave her the opportunity to record her experiments with baked goods, as well as creating a forum for her interests in cooking, history, and paper-crafts. She quickly gathered a faithful audience of readers, made up of both cooks and non-cooks. She began taking individual orders for some of the items featured there, and as time progressed, Lomaxine was born. Her emblem, the buffalo, represents strength and beauty in the unexpected.

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